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stratum tcp sha256 antpool com 3333. Antpool is run by Bitmain Technologies Ltd. Aug/01/2018 Changed the difficulty for ASIC. 双击start_btm. Profitable FPPS mining pool for Ethereum [ETH], Ethereum Classic [ETC], Raven Coin [RVN], Bitcoin Gold [BTG] and Monero [XMR]. Slush's bitcoin mining pool. 8-b37ccb0-amd64. Please use following configuration examples for different mining options. The pool provides the Double Geometric Method at a 1. Keybase is for keeping everyone's chats and files safe, from families to communities to companies. workername but this is different from pool to pool so you should consult their documentations. ETC Mining Instruction. Update Braiins OS+ using BOS Toolbox. Quality improvements including reduced data loads, empty block elimination, hashrate hijacking prevention, and more. Real-time display of mining data. That will tell you that the host is alive and reachable from your network. Bminer is one of the fastest publicly available miners today -- we use various techniques including tiling and pipelining to realize the full potentials of the hardware. The coinbase signature for this pool is: "/slush/". No Binance Mining Pool, crie uma conta de mineração e obtenha o endereço IP do minerador. Sonstige wichtige Informationen: Dies ist ein reiner Servicekauf und es wird keine Hardware physisch versendet. Bminer: When Crypto-mining Made Fast¶. poolbinance. er latest version and trying to ; eable. In this Antpool, can receive the miners from anywhere around the world. xz: Linux x64: a1849dc097f275692848858955762c3bf733717989886679d16675ec3d528422: bminer-v16. To enforce the hierarchy a kiss-of-death would be sent to any client accessing a stratum-1 server unless it was also providing stratum-2 service through pool. BitDeer allows global users to mine Bitcoin and other proof-of-work protocols without the technical challenges of running a cryptocurrency mining. AntProxy Windows V2. BEIJING, CHINA - On December 12th, 2018, BitDeer announced its official launch as a world-class computing power-sharing platform and strategic partnerships with BTC. /bfgminer -o stratum. Random Address Pool Wallets use a fixed-size pool of randomly-generated addresses. Trying to connect in 1 second Connected to ethash. ZEC Mining. Как определить ip Асика? Как узнать ip Асика — стандартный метод Лучшие альтернативные способы определения ip Асика Каждый начинающий майнер, покупая. NiceHash Lost connection to stratum server Lost connection to stratum server · Issue #256. Miners Setting & Fees. Si la dificultad sigue siendo la misma, un solo Antminer S9 con una tasa de hash de 14TH/s, demorará aproximadamente 3 años en extraer 1 Bitcoin. 检测点 解析IP : 端口 IP地理位置 丢包率 发送 最新(ms) 平均(ms) 最好(ms) 最差(ms) 网络质量( 缓存页面,此栏无效 ) 电信 河北保定. The hackers have demonstrated that they do possess the capability to execute a DDoS and that this is not an entirely empty threat, although we do not know the full extent of their capabilities. Once your earnings reach the minimum payment amount, coins will be sent to your wallet automatically. Stratum is the protocol layer between mining pools, clients and mining hardware. BCH mining at Zergpool. BTM Mining. Lee wanted to create a cryptocurrency faster than Bitcoin and easily accessible, with the aim to process block in every two and a half minutes compared to ten minutes of bitcoin. worker:password -S all bfgminer -o stratum. Payments in rubles and dollars, NiceHash compatibility. For better connection and lower latency, please use one of the location-specific URLs instead of the general URL. bat 文件,修改-o 参数后的矿池地址和-u 参数. o stratum + tcp: //grin29. com:3333 Резултати с 4. Bitcoin uses a SHA256 encryption algorithm and has a total of 21 million blocks. 2Miners is Nicehash officially recommended pool. Logo: Pool name: Symbol: Algo: Workers: Pool Hashrate: Net Hashrate: Difficulty: Current Block: Round progress: Nodes: Stratum Port: IQ. where scheme can be any of:. AntPool APP. bat" file and right click to edit. Enter your User ID and password for Bitmain. Stratum Password is generally. Home SHA-256 MinerBitmain Antminer S17E 64Th/s SHA-256 Miner. For instructions to connecting to a Stratum V2 endpoint, see the V2 manual. Bitcoin Mining Setup on Slush Pool ★. com to log into Antpool or Community Sign in English (US) Русский 简体中文. com, AntPool, AntPool. When configuring the miner, just choose the URL according to your. The license term will be updated after the final review at the time of the official release. Port: The port for the f2pool server. استخر ماینینگ AntPool واقع در قاره های آسیا که متد محاسبه پاداش ها در این استخر بصورت PPS,PPLNS می باشد و همچنین میانگین کارمزد این استخر 2. Discover more. Reliable and fast servers. Bitcoin can be efficiently mined with: ASIC (SHA-256 algorithm) Bitcoin cannot be efficiently mined with (unsupported): GPU, CPU, mobile phone. NiceHash is the leading hub for mining and trading cryptocurrencies, and the largest hashpower marketplace in the world. User Guide. The default is blank. Top technical team, distributed architecture supports concurrent mining of million miners, node deployment around the world, 7 * 24 hours stable mining network environment. Next generation protocol for pooled mining. Nicehash support: dedicated port (100% compatible with Nicehash stratum). Availability: In Stock. com r/zergpool at 0. BTC/BCH Mining. exe -o stratum + tcp: //xmr-eu1. BTC China Пул BTCChina с 10-12% сети занимает четвертое место в общем рейтинге и третье в Китае. com:3333 or server not reachable. Как подключить asic майнер: запуск и настройка Как подключить асик — пошаговая инструкция Как запустить Асик в работу Асик — специальное устройство для. It is currently provided for limited demonstration and testing only. Option 1 Auto coin switch mining by profitability within algorithm with autoexchange to specified coin wallet (BTC in example below). A professional Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash, and Bitcoin mining pool for Scrypt, Ethash, Equihash, and SHA-256. Cutting-edge firmware with an implementation of Stratum V2 and mining software written from scratch in Rust language. The pool can to mine Antpool mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, nor the Ethereum. Free of charge for any amount of rigs. Miners are automatically routed their closest location, including United States, Russia, Germany, Hong Kong, Dubai, England,Beijing, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Hangzhou and more. 05467 реален/ден 2-та дни с 0. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für S9+ Antminer (sha256 15th+) für Mining 24h mieten bei eBay. Bitcoin can be mined for a 2% fee, while ZEC is mined for free. com is the Stratum Host, and 3333 is the Stratum Port. Na Binance Mining Pool, o nome de usuário Worker é usado para. com提供全球收益最高的机枪池服务,提供比特币,比特币现金,莱特币,以太坊,以太坊经典,门罗经典,达世币,大零币,比原币,门罗币,徳罗币,微笑币,德信币等多币种挖矿服务。. Other countries with heavily distributed servers are the USA, Canada, the UK, Spain, Finland, and Austria. cz:3333 -u Starfleet. Esta guía rápida te ayudará a seguir todos los pasos necesarios para configurar tu Antminer desde 0 y comenzar a minar en cuestión de minutos. org:3333; Miners that require a high diff, such as mining rentals, there is a special high diff port for them: solo. DASH Mining. com: 25 ★ Sub-account name: must be consistent with the sub-account name. Algorithm Sha256 Size (L×W×H) 391mm(L)*141mm(W)*220mm(H) Net Weight 9. 06821 Сума 0. Stratum V2 is a new protocol for pooled mining that we developed in collaboration with Bitcoin developer Matt Corallo. In a simplified manner, Stratum is a line-based protocol using plain TCP socket, with payload encoded as JSON-RPC messages. com: 3333 Pool 2: stratum. Quantiy: Add to cart. While mining with unsupported hardware might be possible, it will. 11版本新增矿机病毒查杀、矿机调频功能。. Here, we report that the concomitant loss of AP-1 and Stratum result in the stabilization of the apical pool of Notch, Delta and Spdo, the loss of the basal pool of Notch at the pIIa-pIIb interface, and is associated with activation of Notch in. F2Pool (AKA DiscusFish) is a Chinese (Beijing) based mining pool founded in April 2013 that claims to be the largest pool of digital currencies and a leading bitcoin mining pool. 【Mining Configuration】. I downloaded CGMiner and have my pool with slushs pool. Para este breve tutorial necesitaras: Antes de empezar a minar bitcoins asegúrate de contar con una fuente de poder Bitmain de 1600 Watts. Antpool is run by Bitmain Technologies Ltd. 矿池地址:stratum. Worker's config. The pool shares the transaction fees earned with miners. One of the most popular service pools. nbminer The name of the program to run. 2) Set up workers and connect to AntPool (worker name is sub-account name + suffix, for example: sub-account: always; the. 矿场智能监控软件, 批量监控矿机运行状态、批量配置矿工、批量升级固件、批量重启, 支持同时扫描局域网多个IP段矿机。. Stratum Username is generally the username you registered at the mining pool, followed by a worker name such as username. Compatible Miners The program is launched by double clicking on the file with the. One advantage Antpool has is that you can choose between PPLNS (0% fee) and PPS+ (4% fee from the block reward and 2% from mining fees). BTC com vs AntPool. Select "mine_eth. SHA-256 es el algoritmo criptográfico utilizado por la red Bitcoin. If your mining software supports Stratum over SSL/TLS, you can connect to port 3443 (instead of 3333) to obtain a secure encrypted connection. Bminer also comes with REST APIs to facilitate production deployments (e. The best-known example wa -address=xxxxxxx The bitcoin address you want generated coins sent to. Agreement into force. 蚂蚁矿池AntPool. 2) Set up workers and connect to AntPool (worker name is sub-account name + suffix, for example: sub-account: always; the. APMinerTool V1. 03 единия сменяха електромери няколко часа , а другия имах проблем с нета. AntProxy Manual. Pool Mining. HashCity - Best Mining Pool of 2021. Transaction fees in mined blocks (minus the 1. However, this test will not test the connectivity to port 3333 or any other port for that matter. In the section of the worker, we indicate the user ID that was registered during registration. We suggest that you configure the first one to the Binance pool server 8888, the second to 443 or 3333, and the third to some other mining pool server. Wechat Users, Please Click Upper Right Corner and Open with Browser. For example, for Antpool they will look like this - stratum + tcp: //p2p. Unlike other Antminers, E3 has a more special way of connecting to Antpool. Profitable solo mining pools. As a reward for this effort a miner is given Feathercoins. ②stratum-ltc. Cash: IQ: neoscrypt: 1: 0. This tool solves the problem of low communication efficiency, saves bandwidth and stabilizes the connection. 2)The parameter settings are as follows in the bat file: @echo OFF. Slush Pool servers are located all around the world. (Portas suportadas 8888、3333、1800、443) Crie um nome de usuário de Worker. NiceHash is the leading cryptocurrency platform for mining and trading. You can test connectivity to specific ports using the "telnet" command. LTC Mining. (BTC default minimum payment amount is 0. Remember that Litecoin mining is very different from Bitcoin mining, and usually requires much more tweaking to get optimal results. Step 2:Insert AntMiner U1. How to Join Antpool The pool is free to join and the process is simple. The miner's IP address is marked in the case (above the fan), and IP address is 192. io mining pool that will be connected on port 3333 externally. Slush Pool allows users to mine BTC and ZEC. 05, BCH is 0. MacOS, Windows, Linux, iPhone, and Android. learn more about asic mining. Step 4: Choose CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller, and click "Reinstall Driver". Note: GPU mining is strongly discouraged at this point (see here), as it is both unprofitable and hard to set up correctly. Which server should I connect to? For every coin, there are multiple URLs you can connect your mining device to. This threshold value can be modified in AntPool by yourself. 编辑start_btm. SET ADDRESS= wallet address. Region Mining server Stratum port Alternative port Nicehash port; Worldwide: eth. Real-time display of mining data. This page will provide you with a script to get you started with Litecoin mining. Today, Antpool extracts about 18% of all crypto blocks. ViaBTC is one of the highest-rated Litecoin mining pools worldwide. Mining is the act of using computational processing power to verify transactions on the Feathercoin network. How To Make A Worker In Antpool And The Way Setting Way Makes The Worker. This makes it impossible for a man-in-the-middle attacker to send malicious spoofed requests to your miner. Users connect and communicate with the pool through the Stratum protocol. Sell or buy computing power, trade most popular cryptocurrencies and support the digital ledger technology revolution. F2Pool is a geographically distributed mining pool, helping miners all over the globe secure Bitcoin and 40+ Proof-of-Work networks since 2013. You can just replace the found pools and user values with the ones you have created in the previous step or you can use some of the following templates. 端口:3333,443,25(每个端口对应一组服务器群组,如果其中某个端口的服务器群组发生故障可切接到另一个端口。. Stratum V1 has been the standard protocol used for pooled mining during the past 7-8 years, during which time Bitcoin's total network hashrate has increased by from ~20 TH/s to 130 EH/s. Help Center. Data center in Europe, US, Asia: real dedicated servers and DDOS protection. APMinerTool软件教程. Currently AntPool Smart Pool only supports SHA256 algorithm, hash rate can be auto switched between BTC, BCH and BSV. Transactions Fees. com提供全球收益最高的机枪池服务,提供比特币,比特币现金,莱特币,以太坊,以太坊经典,门罗经典,达世币,大零币,比原币,门罗币,徳罗币,微笑币,德信币等多币种挖矿服务。蚂蚁矿池已经运营了6年,在蚂蚁矿池挖矿,您将拥有更高的挖矿收益,更有优势的矿池费率,更稳定的矿池系统及更贴心. If you use 3rd party software, connect directly to our stratum server LOCATION: eu-west, eu-north, usa-west, usa-east. Some users cannot enter the webpage with all correct connections, please check if the IP address of both miner and PC are in the same network segmentation. 001 Bitcoin Antpool is larger than slushpool in BTC hashpower. Example "telnet stratum. 5% pool fee) are awarded to the miner that found the block. posted 02/10/2021 10:57:14 by miningexpert. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel!. bat extension. 38272 / 7 = 0. Jul/31/2018 Changed the fee to 1. The number one location of Bitcoin Cash mining pool servers is China. The above example will run the stratum proxy server on the IP address of the system it is running on and it will start to listen on local ports 3333 (stratum) and 8332 (getwork) and the miners that connect to them locally will be getting work from the uk1. Stratum Mining Protocol (or Stratum Proxy) is a protocol written by slush originally for Bitcoin mining to improve pool-miner communications. REM Change the following address to your ETH addr. It improves efficiency, prevents man-in-the-middle attacks, and will eventually enable miners to work on their own block templates. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Antminer s9se 16-18th/s ASIC SHA 256 Bitcoin - 24 Stunde Cloud Mining mieten Vermietung bei eBay. Listen for incoming broadcast from devices using BOS Toolbox. meter-stratum-pool. The version of Stratum in use today, Stratum V1, relies on communication between two parties: servers run by the mining pool, and proxies run by miners. Slush Pool is the first publicly available mining pool, first annouced in 2010 under the name Bitcoin Pooled Mining Server. Na Poolin pool-u možete iskopati 9 kriptovaluta (BTC, LTC, BCH, XMR, ZEC, BSV i druge) استخر 3: لایه + tcp: //stratum-ltc. com:3333 userID: userName. This bitcoin merged mining pool allows you to mine for bitcoin. Connect to AntPool and set up workers. Passwort = x. com:3333 или по общеизвестным портам 443 или 25. ETH (Asic) Mining. The third field is not required. ③stratum-ltc. Stratum-Ping Tool by 2Miners. : 13654 put a colon and specify the pool port In my AntPool's. How to Setup Antminer S3. Bminer is a highly optimized cryptocurrency miner that runs on modern AMD / NVIDIA GPUs. Step 3:Open Zadig, and click "Options->List All Devices". Mining Nodes AntPool has deployed many nodes all over around the world to improve performance and provide redundancy. Miner Configuration. Batch monitor and manage miners,upgrade firmware,restart miners and LAN miners' IP scan. 编辑start_eth. The selected default mining client will be ASIC and once your ASIC connects the config will be loaded there. Best mining pool 2021. exe --bmsc-options 115200:20 -o stratum. That's all. ETH (GPU) Mining. 7ТH теоретичен/ден 0. com after building -o stratum + tcp: // specify the pool address. Stratum TCP. stratum + tcp: //stratum. Antpool دارای تقریبا 15 درصد از کل نرخ هش تمام استخرهای استخراج بیت کوین است. To view your real-time DigiByte payout records, visit the f2pool website and click the 🔍 icon in the top-right corner, select DGB with the algorith you are mining, enter your wallet address, and click Go. Support mining service for more coins, multi-account management. It's confusing because you have a gitorious rep which says the server software is available on github, then on github the repository says to download from gitorious (in README) and on github there's Stratum repository (which SAYS it IS the server), there's stratum-mining repository (which says it is a DEMO implementation of a POOL which is. tech as your primary stratum address, please add all remaining stratum addresses starting with the closest stratum address to you as backup stratums in your miner so you can keep mining at all times. You can now mine BitcoinCash at autoexchange mining pool Zergpool. 0KG Operating Temperature 0-40 ℃(device junction temperature) Network Connection INNOSILICON CONFIDENTIAL Ethernet Mode Performance Factory Balance Efficient Hashrate 25TH±5% 23TH±5% 21TH±5% 20TH±5% Power dissipation 2050+10% 1880W+10% 1550W+10% 1360W+10%. ماینو ابزاریست ایرانی برای تجمیع قدرت پردازش استخراج رمز ارز در داخل کشور با استفاده از. Take S9 as an example, we will introduce the operation process of mining with our AntMiner. Payments are made once per day if the amount exceeds 0. Dec/19/2018 Ready to support HF planned on Dec 21th. Bitcoin is mined using a cryptographic algorithm called SHA-256. How to set up the mining software on your graphics card, ASIC or rent a hashpower, video tutorial Connect to the best Ethereum mining pool by choosing one of our mining servers and the best available mining software values in square brackets are optional. Antpool supports p2pool and stratum mining modes with nodes slushpool stratum url are spread all over the world to ensure stability US, Slushpool stratum url, China etc. Support sub-account mining and wallet address mining. If you're using the f2pool app, click the 👁 icon at the top-right corner of the main page and enter your DigiByte address. Get suitable hardware. Configure Braiins OS+ using BOS Toolbox. 0 adds batch lighting of miners and supports S19 series miners. Transactions fees are paid to miner! At the 'high season' mining fees can be up to 80%+ of block value, like block 500500 with reward 12. workerName password: anything. استخر بیت کوین ایرانی تولید محتوای بخش «وب گردی» توسط این مجموعه صورت نگرفته و انتشار این مطلب به معنی تایید محتوای آن نیست. 5% fee for the bitcoin portion of the reward. Bitte hinterlassen Sie Ihre Bergbaudaten (Name / Passwort des Arbeitnehmers, Adresse des Mining-Pools) während der Kaufabwicklung, um Verzögerungen zu. Low pool fee. You could authorize shared account for a convenient management of miners and mining farm. Antpool is a medium sized Chinese Bitcoin mining pool operated by Bitmain Technologies. Transparent Earnings. Stable payments. 1) Take Bminer as an example (Nvidia and AMD graphics cards) Download and unzip the Bminer mining software. Change is sent to the next available empty address, causing the creation of a new empty address to take its place. During the next few days, Bitmaintech. 5 BTC and 9. Тема больше будет полезна для новичков в майнинге на Antminer Асиках. com, and&nbs p;Hashnest. Step1: AntPool account registration and configuration. com: 25 خط پایین از آنجا که دشواری استخراج روز به روز در حال افزایش است ، استفاده از امکانات استخراج معدن در کنار. Scan the network to identify miners using BOS Toolbox. 2, Then plug in again, and plug them tightly, must plug tightly 3, Please find the Feb 01, 2018 · Click Advanced System Settings. Cryptocurrency mining can be detected in the network. According to the official website of Antpool, it has support for 15 different cryptocurrencies Top 5 Dogecoin (DOGE) Mining Pools #1. Stratum is a proposal for an open source client-server "overlay" protocol that enables thin clients. worker:password -S all NiceHash. This is perhaps due to cheap electricity costs, as mining activity can be costly and usually takes place near the pool. Antpool اولین بلاک خود را در مارچ 2014 استخراج کرد. Bitcoin Cash Pool Distribution by Countries. 99 in the latest firmware. http for getwork mode (geth); stratum+tcp for plain stratum. ViaBTC interface. URL do pool: stratum + tcp: //bs. 5 درصد می باشد. In addition to the code created by Meter Foundation, this code base contains code from various open source projects. IT狗首页; 多地Tcping、禁Ping版、tcp协议、tcping、端口延迟测试; stratum-eth. In addition to Litecoin, the pool supports mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Zcash. They are as follows:S USA, East Coast: stratum. ¿Cuánto tiempo se tarda en extraer 1 Bitcoin? Para decirlo brevemente, depende. org:4334; If you have an asicminer tube/prisma, you can use a custom port 3335 (only accepts usernames without worker extensions) eg: solo. 1) stratum server address: (can be found in right bottom corner of AntPool LTC page) ①stratum-ltc. com and AntPool, the world's largest cryptocurrency mining pools. Bitcoin Merge Mining Pool. Подключиться к пулу можно по стандартному порту: stratum. , mining farms). 1) stratum server address: (can be found in right bottom corner of AntPool LTC page) ①stratum-ltc. ) 2) Payment will be sent to the wallet you set up in AntPool. Mining pools are cooperatives that aim to smooth out expected revenue by pooling the mining power of participating miners. , the world's largest Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, and a large portion of their pool is run on Bitmain's own mining rigs. 00 review(s) ) (18 customer reviews) Bitmain Antminer S17E 64Th/s SHA-256 Miner $ 2,349. 挖矿设备:矿机、矿机电源、网线、管理矿机的pc电脑. 二,然后进入蚂蚁矿池后修改矿工名(子帐户名)。 三,最后在矿机页面设置矿池便可成功挖矿。 1. com:3333 -O username. In this case stratum. So, what can you do with the Compas? Well, basically you have at least two options. Fluctuations in the currency price will affect the daily earning. Antpool supports p2pool and stratum mining modes with nodes that are spread all over the world to ensure stability (US, Germany, China etc. 0% on July 31. If there is a problem connecting to the first two Binance Pool servers, the miner will switch to the third one, thus effectively reducing earnings loss. We specify the URL addresses and ports of the pool. NBMiner 挖矿软件介绍使用说明. Register with mailbox and you will have an account, sub-account, group, three-level account system. ومی تواند یکی از استخرهای استخراج برای ایران باشد. Litecoin is an early-stage altcoin developed by a former Google Engineer, Charlie Lee in October 2011. Email and Telegram notifications: rig monitoring and new block notifications for all the pools. com: 443 Pool 3: stratum. 文件名 平台 SHA256 校验; bminer-v16. 99+ BTC of fees. Step 1:Install CP210xVCP Driver. 1) AntPool makes payouts each day. Pool Mining. Antpool is a pool of Bitmain mining dating back to November 2014. В этой теме идет обсуждение и обмен любой. Kindly note: Smart Pool makes settlement at 1:00 every day (UTC time). Figure out how to connect to Slush Pool by following these steps: 1. Features, PROs and CONs of this method: Install Braiins OS+ using BOS Toolbox. 00 out of 5 based on 18 customer ratings ( 5. 2 Install Driver. Although that doesn't make sense I agreed to have it deducted from my account, but they are refusing ★ Pool: Fill in a complete pool address, like AntPool mining address: Pool 1: stratum. 用于Nvidia显卡的Bytom (比原链)、Ethereum (以太坊) 、Grin挖矿软件。. Sell SHA256 hashing power. So below I believe is the correct setup for CGMiner. Despite the fact that viaBTC is a relatively new member among mining pools, it continues to attract users by reliable services. Данная тема для НАЧИНАЮЩИХ майнеров, владельцев Antminer L3+ Тема не для профессионалов и заумных майнеров. -a cuckarood - specify the mined coin algorithm. stratum + tcp: //sha256. Needless to say, it’s been a wild success. bat文件,修改-o 参数后的矿池地址和-u 参数后的钱包地址或用户名。. Jul/25/2018 We plan to change the fee to 1. Help Center URL: stratum+tcp://stratum. Mining can be done on either computer processors (CPUs) or graphics cards (GPUs), however at this time GPU mining is the most. Antpool is a Chinese mining pool founded by the BitMain company, one of the largest ASIC manufacturers. In the next step, navigate to your worker's config. com may experience intermittent outages. com: X (where for the first port X - 3333, and for the second - 25). Uninstall Braiins OS+ using BOS Toolbox. 2) Set up workers and connect to AntPool (worker name is sub-account name + suffix, for example: sub-account: always; the first worker could be named as: always.

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